Friday, June 29, 2007

Father's Day and Daniel's B-Day

Father's Day and Daniel's birthday are always very close together. I always kind of lump them together, which is kind of sad, especially since I understand how he feels, since I have a holiday birthday myself. Anyway they were only a few days apart this year. Last year they were on the same day. I think he had a good father's day. Hadley got him a University of Tennessee history book. It was really cool because it had tickets and pictures from the beginning of Tennessee history. To celebrate his birthday we had a small party with family at our home. He got a ton of nice clothes and shoes. My mom and dad got him a storage bench for outside. And of course, we had his favorite cream cake from Dairy Queen. Hadley decided that she really enjoyed the tissue paper that was in Daddy's presents. It serves as perfect blankets for her babies!

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