Saturday, November 15, 2008

Hadley's poopin' in the potty payoff... I don't condone bribery but when it comes to getting your child to do #2 in the potty I'm pretty sure anything goes. I mean I was SERIOUSLY tired off cleaning up poop. So, I made a deal with Hadley...if she poops in the potty ALL THE TIME she could get her ears pierced. Well, congratulations to both of us because she's finally done it!! We've went weeks now without a poop accident! Today we went and had her ears pierced. She was so excited and kept telling me she wanted "pink diamond Tinkerbell princess earrings". She settled for pink studs which we of course named "pink diamond Tinkerbell princess earrings"! She was such a big girl!

Disney Adventures

My mom and I recently took Hadley to Disney on Ice. Needless to say, she had a BLAST. She is obsessed with anything Mickey Mouse so she loved every part of the show. She is very excited to go ice skating now, so I plan on taking her real soon. She was soooo cute. She waved at the characters every time they got the slightest bit close to where we were sitting. I've never seen her pay such close attention to anything in her life. She didn't move a muscle and when intermission came along she immediately wanted to know when it was going to start again...the show was money well spent! Oh...and guess what she wore? Yep...tinkerbell...AGAIN!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Imaginary or typical toddler?

After showering, I went downstairs to see what Miss Hadley was up to. I walked into her bedroom and she was talking to her dolls. She had taken the comforter off her bed and had her babies lined up with food on the blanket. When I asked her what they were doing, she said, "Having a picnic!" Now, don't get me wrong I think this is absolutely adorable and I LOVE her imagination...but let me take you back a day...

I am sitting at my grandmother's house having dinner. Her neighbor is there and my mamaw begins to tell the neighbor about my imaginary friend I had when I was little. She tells her how she would get chills when I would talk to my "friend" and basically said I was a weird kid!!! only defense is to pull the "I'm an only child" card. I don't really remember this special person but everyone else in my family seems to remember him/her vividly.

Now, back to I walk into her room and she is talking to her dolls and my only thought is oh no...I'm not telling my mamaw! could happen!'s the scenario. I'm fixing dinner and Hadley is watching TV. I walk into the living room to check on her and she is sitting on the chair with an umbrella so I say, "Hadley what are doing with that umbrella?" and she says, "It's rainin' mom!" Oh boy...too cute. Well, I've always been told "prepare for the worst, expect the best". How could I fault her for being prepared?

My lil' Stinkerbell!

Hadley was sooooo excited about Halloween. She loved trick-or-treating, since this was her first year to go door to door. She dressed up as Tinkerbell on this day, and the day before, and the day before that, and the next other words when you see us at Walmart, she'll probably be wearing her Tinkerbell costume.

Pumpkin Fun!

My friend, Michelle, and I took the kiddos to Maple Lane Farms in Greenback. Well...actually there's a funny story here. According to the people working there you can not take a hay ride unless you have 12 people or more due to the high gas prices. Knowing this, we were a little bummed to not be able to take the kids on a hay ride for part of their pumpkin patch extravaganza. THEN a terrific thing happened. We noticed a school group of kindergartners, who happened to be from AL Lotts Elementary School. We politely asked if we could join their group for the hay ride and of course they said yep! I mean what were they going to say considering we asked them in front of 3 cute kiddos. Seriously, have you seen Hadley? She's adorable and I have a hard time saying no to her who wouldn't, right? Anyways, Michelle and I joked around the entire time claiming we "crashed" a kindergarten pumpkin patch field trip. Well, at least I can mark that off my bucket list...Thanks AL Lotts!

Lil' Sprouts Fun

Hadley had her third birthday at Little Sprouts Studio in Knoxville. She absolutely loves this place and has been there several times for a birthday party and just for fun. A lot of her friends came to share her special day. The theme was art and each of the children got to paint a canvas to take home as a souvenir. Hadley's masterpiece has a special place in mommy's bedroom. I made her a cute shirt to wear...look for it in the photos. You can purchase these for an outrageous price from me if anyone is interested...just kidding...