Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Imaginary or typical toddler?

After showering, I went downstairs to see what Miss Hadley was up to. I walked into her bedroom and she was talking to her dolls. She had taken the comforter off her bed and had her babies lined up with food on the blanket. When I asked her what they were doing, she said, "Having a picnic!" Now, don't get me wrong I think this is absolutely adorable and I LOVE her imagination...but let me take you back a day...

I am sitting at my grandmother's house having dinner. Her neighbor is there and my mamaw begins to tell the neighbor about my imaginary friend I had when I was little. She tells her how she would get chills when I would talk to my "friend" and basically said I was a weird kid!!! Hum...my only defense is to pull the "I'm an only child" card. I don't really remember this special person but everyone else in my family seems to remember him/her vividly.

Now, back to Hadley...so I walk into her room and she is talking to her dolls and my only thought is oh no...I'm not telling my mamaw!

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