Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Pumpkin Fun!

My friend, Michelle, and I took the kiddos to Maple Lane Farms in Greenback. Well...actually there's a funny story here. According to the people working there you can not take a hay ride unless you have 12 people or more due to the high gas prices. Knowing this, we were a little bummed to not be able to take the kids on a hay ride for part of their pumpkin patch extravaganza. THEN a terrific thing happened. We noticed a school group of kindergartners, who happened to be from AL Lotts Elementary School. We politely asked if we could join their group for the hay ride and of course they said yep! I mean what were they going to say considering we asked them in front of 3 cute kiddos. Seriously, have you seen Hadley? She's adorable and I have a hard time saying no to her who wouldn't, right? Anyways, Michelle and I joked around the entire time claiming we "crashed" a kindergarten pumpkin patch field trip. Well, at least I can mark that off my bucket list...Thanks AL Lotts!

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