Thursday, February 28, 2008

Chattanooga Zoo Trip

We took a trip down to the Chattanooga zoo to check out a different zoo, other than the Knoxville zoo that we normally visit. Well, let's just say compared to the Chattanooga zoo...the Knoxville zoo is HUGE! It didn't have any big animals like elephants or giraffes, but Hadley still had a wonderful time.

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tuffbuns said...

The Chattanooga Zoo is on the list of one of the best SMALL zoo's in America. Chattanooga is VERY proud of this zoo. The community has been raising money for this zoo and in June they unveiled a new entrance, animals, and a handmade carousel, featuring endangered animals. They also have multiple community events throughout the year. We have Hank, he's our 40 yr old chimp that has a giant birthday party every year, Boo at the Zoo. (trick or treating, games, etc., at the zoo) So we Chattanoogans are very sorry to disappoint you, but seems like you visited without knowing really what a special zoo this really is! I'd hate to hear what you say about our Aquariums!