Thursday, February 28, 2008

Ski Trip

Recently Daniel and I went skiing with some friends in Ober Gatlingburg. We had a really great time and Daniel did pretty good on the slopes. As for me...I started out ok but it went down hill (literally) from there. I fell ALOT and decided to give it up and drink hot coco in the lodge.


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Laura said...

I love to ski!!! We had gone to Gatlinburg a couple of times, and had fun, but then went to Winterplace, WV and had a blast!!!! Fun place! Then a friend told us if we thought that was good, we should try Snowshoe, WV. We did and it was AWESOME!!!! The only downside is that it takes like 8-9 hours to get there!! Definitely not a day trip! But it has a ton of slopes for every level of skier and we never had to wait in line for lift more than a couple of minutes. AWESOME!!!!