Thursday, February 28, 2008

Pump-It UP

Hadley's friend, Mallory, had her 3rd birthday party at Pump-it Up. In case you don't know what that place is has all kinds of inflatables including slides. Hadley was terrified! She wouldn't jump in the inflatable for a second without screaming unless someone was holding her. She did enjoy going down the slide, but only if she was with an adult. Hopefully, we'll try this again soon. Maybe she'll like it better next time!

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Laura said...

I remember our first time there - I was worn out because I had to carry Katelyn everywhere!! Trying to go through the obstacle course, climb up the walls and everything, is fairly difficult when carrying around a child!!! We've also been to a couple of other similar places - Events at Sherlake and Hippity Hop. The girls love going to parties there!